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Having not slept properly for over three weeks, I was at my wits end knowing I had to go to work as a senior NHS manager and perform as if everything was fine. So far, just listening to your relaxation recording has really helped. I don’t think I got past the first two minutes! I had my phone on the pillow beside me and actually played it two more times when I woke up during the night but I never heard a word of it, consciously anyway! I am so looking forward to working through the workbook. Thank you so much.

- Emily, Belfast

I have just finished the workbook and I am hooked. Having tried numerous strategies to help with my anxiety, this is by far the best and I am happy to report that it has worked its mojo. I wholeheartedly committed to this programme as I believed in its authenticity. It’s like getting the best out of all the self-help books that I wished I had read. I really enjoyed the journaling and after only a couple of weeks family members were noticing that I was much more positive and patient. My husband and I continue to fall asleep each night to the sound of Ann’s lovely Irish voice which is just so soothing. We are both really enjoying it. I cannot thank Ann enough for her help.

- Rebecca, Ealing

When I contacted Ann she was just completing the work on her on line programme so I volunteered to do the self-directed workbook alongside the zoom sessions. Combined both were life changing for me. I was determined to deal with my weight issues after struggling since I had my three children, but to be honest, I had struggled with my weight for a long time before that. At the time I felt helpless and did not hold out much hope. My confidence was at an all-time low. After only a few weeks something just seemed to click. I realized that after putting myself last when it came to the pecking order in my family and falling into bed exhausted at the end of the day, I was now making some ‘me’ time. On top of doing the workbook which did not take much time, I started to walk just twenty minutes a day and have since built this up to forty minutes on weekdays. I did not do a specific diet but yet the weight was falling off me. I am convinced that this is because I am now in a better mindset and as a result making healthier choices. I feel calmer and on top of this my partner and children also seem less stressed. I am now doing the workbook for a second time and enjoying it even more.

- Melissa, Reading

After suffering with anxiety for a couple of years, my friend recommended I contact Ann. I didn’t have much money so Ann suggested I might want to take the six week on line programme which I have embraced. When I started out my anxiety was very high and as of now it’s much more manageable as I am using the techniques on a very regular basis. This is the best I have felt in a very long time. I am now on my fifth week of learning some simple techniques that I can do anywhere. I listen to the recording every night and sometimes when I get the opportunity I also listen to it during the day. I am sleeping much better and generally feel good in myself. I now understand why I was feeling so anxious and this has really helped. I am sleeping much better now which is an added benefit. Thank you for giving me my life back.

- Jacquie, Leeds

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